Friday, March 12, 2010

Judges Rule In Favor of Pink Floyd

Remember when bands still cared about full albums and not just selling singles and individual tracks? Pink Floyd, the band that pops into your head when you think of the full album is fighting for the right to not sell their songs individually online. In fact, judges ruled in favor of the band and declared that EMI Group Ltd. can only sell the band’s music in the full album format. The question before the court was whether a contract provision that limited EMI’s ability to issue the band’s recordings beyond the album form only applies to “physical product” (CDs, albums, etc.) or also relates to potential online sales. Justice Andrew Morritt issued a preliminary ruling which looks back at the band’s record contract and concludes, “There is nothing in the terms ‘album’ or ‘record’ to suggest they apply to the physical product only.” This for the immediate future Dark Side of The Moon, The Wall and all of the group’s work only will be sold in their original complete form. (from

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