Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Album Review: Big Light - Animals In Bloom

The name of the album is subtly understated. Big Light could have called it Animals Fully Bloomed. Seriously, this album knocked my socks off upon first listen. The infectiously catchy tune of the opening track “Good Time of the Year” will linger in your head for days, while the group proves they have the balls to pair poppy “scooby-dooby” lyrics with waves of heavy noise on “Monster”. Big Light jumps playfully into a sea of distorted guitar solos on the hook-heavy “Superfuzz Fine”, illustrating that they have the musical chops to defend their uber-poppy songwriting skills. The band practically begs you to bust out your headphones for the sonic backdrops heard on “Caution” before ending the album with a bang on the 7 minute + “Bonebreaker”. Animals In Bloom is simply an outstanding debut album for a band that has grown at a remarkable pace. Did I mention Big Light played their first official show as a band in 2009? Yah that's right, prepare yourself people, this light is sure to shine bright in 2010.

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