Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Amazon Leaks New Lil' Wayne Album

Weezy enthusiasts will be happy to hear that his new rock-centric album "Rebirth" was leaked by none other than monster online retail outlet While the mistake was likely made due to the constant changing of the album's release date which is now February 1, it doesn't make up for the fact that Wayne's new album can be downloaded for on the net a month earlier than it should be. According to Billboard, Universal Music Group Distribution, Cash Money Records' distributor, manufactured about a million copies of the Rebirth CD before the release date was pushed back again. A third of those went to retailers. UMGD sent out word that the CDs needed to be returned, but Amazon still somehow managed to mail out those 500 copies. What's more, Billboard notes that the version of Rebirth that shipped may not be the final version. Needless to say, you can no longer pre-order Rebirth.

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