Friday, July 17, 2009

Shameless Self-Promotion & My Reflection On The Importance Of Print Media

I've finally made the big transition from online media to the tangible timeless form of print media. Two articles I wrote for Relix Magazine during my on-going internship have now been published in Relix's August/September 2009 issue which features the Woodstock 40th Anniversary as well as The Avett Brothers, Wilco and much more. You can read my news blurb titled "Ropeadope Turns 10" on page 23 and my Woodstock book review blurb titled "Woodstock Vision: The Spirit of a Generation" on page 62. I strongly encourage everyone to read/subscribe to Relix Magazine for a number of reasons. Firstly, Relix is live music institution that has been around since 1974 and in these tumultuous times, if people don't read/subscribe it could fall by the way side. Secondly, if you read this blog, chances are, actually I guarantee that you will enjoy the content in Relix. The writing is honest yet sophisticated and the artists covered are fantastic. Finally, keeping print media alive is undeniably important. In this throw-a-way culture we often do not take the time to sit down and read. Remember when people used to read during their lunch breaks, or on the bus, or even in the library? Well it seems print has been replaced by iPods, e-books and Kindles, but let's recognize the importance of collecting the tangible, of passing on a great book or magazine to a friend. I can't encourage everyone out there enough to take a few minutes, relax and pick up something to read that does not require an electrical outlet. After working the Relix booth at festivals and hearing how many people were not interested in purchasing a subscription or a single issue because they "do not read" or "do not have the time to read" I really fear for not just the older generation and my generation (which seems to have an attention span that can only be measured in fucking nano-seconds) but I fear for the younger generation who is being raised on Facebook and the seemingly-retarded Twitter. So I will re-iterate this one last time. Take ten minutes to yourself and read, I promise it will not be time wasted! Hey, you might find yourself surprisingly entertained, not too mention you'll probably learn a little bit too.

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