Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Wilco Album Arriving in June

Wilco's newest album is scheduled to hit stores in June and I simply cannot wait. For those fans who need something to tide them over before the album drops, the band will be releasing its first live concert DVD appropriately titled "Ashes of American Flags" in April.
The yet-to-be-titled album does have a few song titles. "Wilco the song" which was debuted on the Colbert Report will certainly be on the album as well as "Deeper Down", "My Country Has Disappeared", "Sunny Feeling", and "One Wing".
Austin Scaggs of the Rolling Stone Smoking Section blog previewed some tracks , and had this to say: "Let's just say that the record is sick!" Also: "Great melodies, great lyrics, great playing and great sounds. You're gonna dig it!"
I'm sure we will Austin, I'm sure we will.

Here's the trailer for the upcoming DVD, needless to say it looks sick, and potentially hilarious.

In case you have yet to see the brilliant documentary "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" here's a killer version of "I'm Always In Love", a Wilco classic

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