Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Marco Benevento - Me Not Me

Marco Benevento plays favourites, and chances are some of his favourites are your favourites too. “Me Not Me” covers classics like Led Zeppelin and Leonard Cohen, but it also focuses on indie rock like My Morning Jacket and 80s dance kings, The Knife. “Me Not Me” is Marco’s second solo record and it is dense. It’s a kaleidoscope of sounds, both psychedelic and classical. It truly displays Marco’s whimsical personality which can be both silly and serious. His jazz chops are on full display on his original piece “Mephisto”, and his progressive songwriting shines on “Now They’re Writing Music” which Marco claims the circuit bent toys wrote themselves. But let’s give credit where credit is due. Marco Benevento is the current king of modern day jazz piano and one listen to this album will explain why.

Check out the brilliant promotional video by our friend Karina Mackenzie over at Shine A Light Productions (

Here is one incarnation of the Marco Benevento Trio featuring Marc Friedman of The Slip on bass and Josh Raymer on drums playing My Morning Jacket's "Golden" and Marco's original "Bus Ride" from the album "Invisible Baby" released in 2008.

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