Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Listen.in Launches

We're really into this new music site called Listen.in.

The short explanation for Listen.in is that it's like Twitter for your music. It's the easiest way to share music with your friends by giving you and providing them with access to music and playlists.

I really can't stress enough how easy this site is to use and how addictive it is. Bottom line, signup and start sharing and discovering some awesome music with friends.

Here is the long-winded explanation found in the Listen.in about section:

Listen.in is a real-time music information network powered by people all around the world that lets you share and tune into what people are listening to.

Listen.in asks “What’s playing” and makes the answer spread across the globe, immediately.

What Listen.in Does
At its core, Listen.in is a new tool that allows you to share and discover music in real-time. We provide you with a way to listen in on what musicians, artists, celebrities, music bloggers and your friends are listening to. It’s a new way to discover some cool music and connect with people.

It’s a new avenue for musical connection. If you’ve ever wondered what music your favourite artists are currently listening to, then Listen.in is for you. If you want a simple way to listen to the bands that music bloggers are writing about, then Listen.in is for you. If you want to be able to listen to what your friends, family, associates, well-wishers and comrades are listening to, then Listen.in is for you.

The music you listen to on your iTunes is automatically broadcasted onto your Listen.in profile, allowing your ‘followers’ to stream a 30 second clip of the song via your newsfeed.

Listen.in has the capability to decipher the music you are exploring from the music you actually like listening to. For example, your news feed will state that you are “checking out” a song if you’ve only listened to it once, as opposed to “listening to” a song if you’ve played that song multiple times.

Listen.in has a ‘love’ button that adds a song into your ‘favourites’ playlist on your homepage. This feature further emphasizes the difference between songs you just listen to, and songs you really enjoy. Any playlist you have created in iTunes will be available for you and your ‘followers’ to listen to on your homepage. The use of playlists will give users a better sense of your musical taste.

For every song you stream on Listen.in, we give you the ability to watch the music video on YouTube, read the lyrics or the artist’s biography, check out some photos of the band, buy tickets to their up-coming concert and even purchase the song from Amazon, all at the click of a button!

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