Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back In 15 MInutes Hits NXNE 2010

Since things have been a bit slow around here for the past little while I figure I should throw down a little bit of an update. Today I received my press credentials for Toronto's own NXNE Music Festival. The festival features 650 bands and 40 films. While I'd love to provide everyone with a ton of show and film reviews, the venues in Toronto are quite spread out and one can spend a pretty penny on transportation alone. That being said, I will be covering the following:

Broken Social Scene - This Movie Is Broken
Last year BSS played a free show in Toronto, filmed it, and the inter-spliced it with a "I finally slept with my dream girl and she's leaving the country forever...tomorrow" love story.

The Rolling Stones - Stones In Exile
This documentary features candid footage of the Stones in their prime, recording what I believe to be their greatest achievement ever, "Exile On Main St.".

Zeus - Toronto band blending Beatles-esque harmonies with an unmistakably catchy brand of 90s alt-rock

Timber Timbre - Gothic blues...haunting stuff that will make your blood curl and your feet tap

Surfer Blood - Summer sounds from California, surprise surprise they mention surfing and make other assorted water references throughout most of their songs. Pitchfork digs 'em.

De La Soul - one of the quintessential, positive forces in hip-hop. Forget money, girls and guns, De La Soul has got too much class for that shit, not to mention their silky flow.

Possible shows I will be attending:
The Treasures - Rock-a-billy revivalist band from Toronto with sweet harmonies.
AA Bondy - Folk rock, a man, his guitar, and his harmonica.

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