Thursday, February 18, 2010

Surprise Me Mr. Davis & Rock Band

If this isn't the tell-tale sign of a changing music industry than I don't know what is. Surprise Me Mr. Davis, the supergroup made up of The Slip, Nathan Moore and Marco Benevento has made its way on to the Rock Band Network before launching a new record. The song "Sissyfuss" which can be heard streaming on the Davis website and MySpace page will be available for gameplay on XBox360 and PS3. Player's can learn to shred like Brad Barr and sing like Nathan Moore before they've even seen them live. The Rock Band Network will certainly act as a new, unique way for band's to get their music out to the video gaming public. I tip my cap to Surprise Me Mr. Davis and their progressive ways.

Sissyfuss for the Rock Band Network [The Authority] from Clinton Vadnais on Vimeo.

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