Sunday, March 29, 2009

Woodstock 2009?

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, there was potential for a 40 year anniversary of the legendary Woodstock Festival. Due to the current economic shitstorm, the possibility of a massive, possibly multi-million dollar festival simply does not make sense. Frankly, I'm pretty happy about it. Woodstock was not simply a concert, it was a state of mind. It was a public consciousness brought on by the times, societal events and of course, drugs. Woodstock 1999 was a monstrosity. The Woodstock name simply became a product, and the festival itself shared little resemblance to its namesake. Peace and love was replaced by Limp Bizkit and rape. Simpy put, it was a disaster. How could the promoters and organizers of Woodstock 2009 garuntee that such despicable acts of humanity would not occur again. That's right, they can't. This is all for the best, let's let history be history and not try to recreate something that simply cannot and will not ever be able to be recreated. The commoditization of something as beautiful as a music festival is pretty sickening, and we have already watched it happen to Bonnaroo. Whose idea was it to hire Kanye West and Metallica to play anyways? That's just my two sense, take it for what its worth.

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