Saturday, December 6, 2008

Brad Barr's The Fall Apartment: Instrumental Guitar

Brad Barr's long awaited solo release is nothing short of a masterpiece. Barr returns to his musical roots which his band The Slip seems to have recently left behind. The eclectic mix of music allows Barr to take the listener on a musical journey without ever leaving his Montreal apartment. The Fall Apartment features folk, delta blues, gypsy guitar, new age, and cover songs, all performed with absolute perfection. The album opens with an original composition titled "Sarah Through the Wall". It's an extremely catchy number featuring fast paced melodic guitar runs and a memorable refrain. Next up is another Barr original, the delta blues number "Bouba's Bounce". It features whirlwind finger picking and bouncy bassline that would act as the perfect segue to The Slip's classic "Mudslide". Barr's take on Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box" is also worthy of mention. Here Barr slows the classic Nirvana tune down, and places the lyrical melody over a backdrop of computerized noises, on what ends up being a very modern and beautiful take on a grunge classic. Fans of The Slip will recognize the song "Shiver",which is featured on this album, but without its lyrics. It's strong melody allows it to survive without its lyrics and works within the context of this album . The Fall Apartment is a strong effort and is certainly a success musically. I do hope however that on his next release, Brad showcases his beautifully honest voice and incredible lyrics to prove to the world that he is the most underrated folk singer/songwriter around right now.

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